Dealers United Launches Holiday Strategy to Help Auto Dealerships Reach Local Markets Despite Crowded Ad Space

Dealerships looking to finish the year strong and reach their local markets with a targeted holiday strategy are leveraging Dealers United marketing campaigns to spread the word fast.

During the holiday season, auto dealerships are under pressure from manufacturers to move their inventory quickly. Dealers United, a team of experts in Facebook and Instagram advertising for the automotive industry, is helping dealerships reach coveted local markets with a targeted holiday advertising strategy through the end of the year and beyond.

“Advertising space is always a little more crowded during the holiday season, but with the pandemic and recent elections, dealers are finding it even more difficult to get themselves in front of their markets right now,” says Pete Petersen, CEO of Dealers United.

“With this in mind, we dialed in our targeting strategies for our dealers this holiday season to make sure that they are standing out to shoppers and not getting lost amongst the overload of content that’s out there right now. We’re making sure that creative is engaging and in-line with Facebook’s best practices, to ensure that nothing is being suppressed, and building bullet-proof audiences to make sure that every dollar in ad spend is being maximized.”

Based on the dealership’s OEM and overall goals, Dealers United's Holiday Playbook will help them create an extensive social strategy from Brand Awareness to Lead Generation to propel engagement during the next few months.

The agency uses a combination of manufacturer content and their own engaging creative to create OEM-Specific, Holiday Campaign playbooks that have historically been instrumental in helping dealerships fast track their end-of-year sales. The campaigns will also include precise targeting, such as delivering advertisements around Honda’s “Happy Honda Days” holiday event to shoppers interested in a new Honda vehicle.

Leveraging their Facebook Marketing Partnership, Facebook's highest recognition of agencies that have been vetted for excellence in their industry, Dealers United implements Facebook’s best practices to create a full-funnel and targeted approach. Dealerships who take advantage of these strategies for the holiday season can expect increased website traffic, leads, and attributed vehicle sales.

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About Dealers United

About Dealers United Dealers United is the Facebook and Instagram advertising solution for the automotive industry, providing award-winning social advertising solutions to auto dealers, OEMs, and auto agencies. For more information, visit

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